Expensive Janitor series

Expensive Janitor

Book 1

Breaking Bad meets Boston Legal in this true story of an Albuquerque trial lawyer.

Desperately trying to save his practice, morals and sanity, David Pauly represents everyday people and takes you on an adventure into the real world of legal practice. There are no beautiful boardrooms overlooking Manhattan here, but a cultural wasteland isolated in sand, idiocy and rampant gunfire.

Along the way, you will learn the secrets that all good lawyers use to pervert justice, confuse the facts and navigate the treacherously fine line between absurdly clever and catastrophically stupid. You’ll meet dysfunctional judges, greedy clients, cannibalistic lawyers and alcohol-fueled insanity in the state of New Mexico, filled with perpetual chaos, poverty and substance abuse.

Expensive Janitor is darkly cynical and politically incorrect. You will never see the Law the same way again.

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Deeper Clean

Book 2

Welcome to another journey into the dark, dysfunctional underbelly of New Mexico. 

Our reluctant hero navigates his way through new towns and clients, facing multiple near-death experiences as he fights for the rights of the guilty and absurdly stupid.

Along the way, you will encounter steroid-enhanced hillbillies, b***h-slapping cross-dressers, and gun-toting Nazis, all out on a binge.  Moronic drug dealers, drunken strippers dancing under a full moon, and a gun-filled Mexican standoff at McDonalds will have you cancelling your plans to visit New Mexico immediately.

Dashing through the heroin dens of Espanola, you sneer at nouveau riche tourists in Santa Fe before flying to Roswell and learning the truth behind the Alien spacecraft crash of 1947.

Expensive Janitor: Deeper Clean brings back some of your favorite characters; Abdul the Pakistani repo guy and Phoebe, the office manager who is always packing heat, while introducing new characters whose lives are so messed up, you won’t believe it until you read it.

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Coming Soon…

Book 3

The fun continues..

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